Memory Cushion With Arm & Collar - Made From Loved One’s Clothing

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Memory Cushions With Arm & Collar

Crafted from the cherished clothing of your loved ones, these cushions are more than just decorative pieces, they're a comforting embrace of precious memories. Each cushion is meticulously hand-stitched with care and attention to detail, preserving the sentimental value of the clothing for years to come. Keep your loved one close to your heart and treasure their memory with a custom Patchwork Memory Cushion.

Timescale for Memory Cushions

  • Timeline: 6-8 weeks from placing your order
  • Communication: An estimated completion date will be emailed after purchase

Item Specifications

  • Clothing Required: At least 1 item of clothing 2 if you wish for the back of your cushion to be different.
  • Design: Your cushion is a full square at the front, if its a shirt or an item of clothing with button opening down the front I will use these at the front for opening if not your cushion will have an envelope style opening at the back for easy access to wash.
  • Finished Size: Approximately 17" square
  • Filling: Super soft, hypoallergenic, fire-resistant polyester inner cushion included will all cushions.

Personalisation Options

  • Printed: Fabric heart or a photo can be added to your cushion.

Important Notes

  • We can work with most items of clothing, but thicker fabrics may pose a challenge.
  • If unsure about the suitability of your clothing, please contact me.

Order Process

  1. Purchase Confirmation: You will receive an order confirmation email after you have purchased.
  2. Instructions: I will email you within 48 hours with detailed instructions for sending in your clothing.
  3. Local Drop-off: If you are local to Middlesbrough, you can choose to drop off your clothing and pick up the finished cushion, please select pickup order at the checkout.
  4. Shipping: Orders are dispatched by Royal Mail Special Delivery for safe return home.

For more information, please email or visit our Facebook page: Stacey’s Loveable Keepsakes for regular updates.